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25 May 2021 - 26 May 2021
Sarajevo , Bosnia And Herzegovina
WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP- Innovation and response of SME’s to COVID-19

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WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP- Innovation and response of SME’s to COVID-19- HYBRID EVENT

Inspiring plenary sessions and targeted 1:1 meetings promise knowledge gain and new business contacts.

The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina and EEN Women Entrepreneurship Sector Group (WEG), jointly with the co-organizers and Network partners, are organizing a big hybrid event: "Women's Entrepreneurship-Innovation and Responses to the COVID -19 “.

Plenary sessions and virtual (online) business meetings will be held on May 25 and 26, 2021. at the Hills Hotel, Ilidža, Sarajevo, and organized by the Enterprise Europe Network.

The event itself is of a hybrid and regional character, as the best combination of  "off/on-line" content, and the focus is on women's entrepreneurship.

This event will be composed of opening plenary session with presentations and panel discussions, followed by two days individual virtual meetings. It would be a combination of live and online contents and focus will be on women entrepreneurship. 

The main goal of the event is to promote women's entrepreneurship and their innovative approach in response to the pandemic time caused by COVID 19.

"Woman Entrepreneurship-Innovation and response to COVID-19 " is an event that will bring together speakers and experts from relevant institutions and ministries, companies, academia and NGOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Which sectors?

Whether you are in manufacturing, textile or tourism - you are most welcome! Here are some of the sectors we'd like to see more of, but definitely not limited to:

  • Textile industry
  • ICT and telecommunications
  • Products and semi-products of metal, wood and plastic
  • Engineering, design and consulting services
  • Construction industry
  • Industrial and construction tools and machines
  • Winemaking, Agriculture and Food
  • Tourism, sport and recreation etc.

Conference organizers invite you to participate the conference and B2B meetings, where the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet potential business partners.

The participation at the conference and b2b meetings is free of charge, and registration is mandatory via the platform.


The deadline for registration is 24 May 2021.


  • 24 May, 2021: Online registration of participants, creating business profile and booking of B2B meetings
  • 25 May, 2021:  Hybrid conference and  online booking B2B meetings   "Woman Entrepreneurship-innovation and response to COVID-19"
  • 26 May 2021: Online business meetings by companies and companies in the region known as "Woman Entrepreneurship-innovation and response to COVID-19."

Official languages:

Conference - BCS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian) and the official language of the Enterprise Europe Network-English with simultaneous translation.

B2B meetings - English / regional: BCS ( Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian)

Event co-organizers

Closed since 26 May 2021
Butmirska cesta 18
71000 Sarajevo , Bosnia And Herzegovina
Organised by
Bosnia And Herzegovina 59
Ukraine 25
Croatia 13
Serbia 13
Albania 7
North Macedonia 5
Montenegro 4
Kosovo* 3
Poland 3
Hungary 2
Spain 1
Romania 1
Belgium 1
Austria 1
Total 138
Other 32
Association, Agency 20
Manufacturer 20
Consulting 20
Start-up 14
Service provider engineering (IT) 11
Academia, R&D institution 7
Supplier 3
Distributor 3
Wholesaler 2
Investor & Financial services 2
Government, Authority 2
Sub-contractor 1
R&D Institution 1
Total 138